Going Paperless in Your Operations Makes Sense

It’s no secret that paper-based processes power construction services. Using emerging technology, companies are moving traditionally paper-based workflows to the cloud. This means everything from employee hour logs to ticketing, even payments can now be conducted online. Shifting workflows to the internet provides efficiency gains to field workers, dispatch and managers, as they have constant need to file, organize and manage documents. By moving to the cloud, paper management tasks can now be reduced – or in some cases, even eliminated.

Going paperless is now more important than ever before. With the popularity of mobile devices and cloud computing, companies have an unprecedented opportunity to provide employees and customers with access to documents anywhere, anytime. Here are eight reasons why you should consider moving away from paper, and embracing the cloud.

1. Automates tasks

Going paperless can help automate time-sensitive tasks, such as delivery management, time keeping and payroll reports. When tasks are automated, working on projects as well as tracking project needs becomes an easy duty.

2. Boosts morale

By automating tasks, a lot of time is saved for employees, and the quality of their work is improved. Instead of having to focus on the filing and management of documents, they can focus on doing more work in the field and doing more to tangible work to serve the mission of their company – the reasons why they joined in the first place.

3. Saves employee time

If you’re a dispatcher tasked with 60 trucks, that’s a lot of paper to manage. If all those documents are stored online, and accessible anywhere, anytime, you save a lot of time looking for misplaced files and collecting data.

4. Integrates related technologies

Going digital with your workflows means that you can start to integrate other services. Tools like iStrada and ConcreteGO can be integrated to give you a more efficient workflow. Document management is the core, and by integrating various solutions, you can gain a more complete view of your company and its needs.

5. Cuts costs

Moving to the cloud can help you with cost savings. Not having to print, mail or store paper can lead to significant cost savings. By not having to constantly be moving paper, employees are able to take on more responsibilities.

6. Empowers workers

By going digital, employees gain access to their most important documents, which can help them become more efficient and effective. With the cloud, information can automatically be synced – eliminating the need to input and collect data twice.

7. Extracts important data from documents

Documents hold essential information on services. By moving documents to the cloud, businesses can collect more data and information with better accuracy. They can use this data to help improve the quality of services – everything from how the customer is informed, to how services are distributed.

8. Supports green initiatives

By reducing the amount of paper utilized, you can reduce your company’s carbon footprint whilst cutting costs.