Displaying Water Details on Paperless Tickets Survey Results

In rolling out Paperless Ticketing to ready mix producers, contractors and inspectors, we wanted to make 100% sure were providing what the industry actually wanted! Water details such as water added at the plant or job site and resulting water cement ratio is a critical part of quality and job performance.

1. Are you currently using paperless tickets?

Yes 66.67%
No 23.81%


2. How important is it to display water details on a ticket? (scale 1 – 10)

Average Rating of 7.4


3. Should Drivers have the ability to view water added on their device if batch weights and water details are not part of the paperless ticket?

Yes 33.33%
No 38.10%


4. Should water added at the plant be displayed on the paperless ticket?

Yes 57.14%
No 33.33%
Other 9.52%


5. Should water added at the jobsite be displayed on the paperless tickets?

Yes 76.19%
No 28.52%


6. If a Producer chooses not to display batch weights and water details, should they display water added on-site on the ticket?

Yes 66.67%
No 28.57%
Other 4.76%


7. As a Producer, should displaying water details be an option for showing inspectors?

Yes 57.14%
No 38.10%
Other 4.76%


8. Are water details important to display on the final ticket included with the invoice to customers?

Yes 47.62%
No 38.10%
Other 14.29%


Sysdyne offers innovative software solutions for the Ready Mix industry, including enterprise Cloud batch, Cloud dispatch and online collaboration platforms with Free Paperless Ticketing.

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