Digital Transformation: Industry Poll Results

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated a shift towards digital transformation and the Ready Mix Industry is part of that shift. Leveraging IoT and Cloud platforms to become more mobile, safe and flexible has helped concrete companies weather the storm. We appreciate your participation in this poll, and value your opinions!


1. Digital transformation has accelerated due to COVID 19, how has that impacted your business?

It has had minimum impact on day to day operations 29.41%
We have had to make minor changes to allow employees to work remotely 11.76%
Our company has adopted new ways to work safely and efficiently using new technology 35.29%
Employees now work remotely using the latest cloud-based tools which has surprisingly improved our operational efficiency 5.88%
We will continue to expand our use of cloud, mobile and paperless technology to grow our business beyond the COVID 19 pandemic 17.65%


2. Has your perception of using cloud technology changed over the course of this pandemic?

My opinion remains unchanged 41.18%
We have taken a closer look and see some benefits in using cloud technology to improve some aspects of our business processes 23.53%
Our company adopted several key initiatives using cloud technology including the use of mobile Apps and Paperless Ticketing 23.53%
We switched from using VPN (Virtual Private Networks), which was hard to scale out, and rolled out major projects to allow our staff to work and communicate remotely using cloud platforms 5.88%
As an organization, we look forward to evaluating other cloud-based technologies to further improve communication, safety and efficiency 5.88%


3. What is IoT?

The Internet of Things 29.41%
Sensors linked to computers 0.00%
Wireless connectivity between machines equipped with sensors 0.00%
System of internet-connected objects that are able to collect and transfer data over a wireless network without human intervention 5.88%
All the above 64.71%


4. What is the benefit of using IoT and how will it affect the ready-mix industry?

Improve decision making with real-time reporting connected by sensors, cameras and even drones, all feeding data back to a central location where decisions can be made 5.88%
Automate the way we collect and process information to make critical decisions on the field based on a wide variety of information inputs 11.76%
Improve operational uptime and reduce maintenance costs by automating the early detection of issues with equipment 0.00%
Safety, reduce accidents using digital solutions like sensors on workers clothing, cameras in the ready-mix trucks and sensors in the drum to monitor quality and slump 0.00%
All the above 82.35%


5. What role does the Cloud play in leveraging IoT for the ready-mix Industry?

The cloud is the best suited platform to collect and store huge amounts of data collected from a variety of sensors on equipment, employees or vehicles 0.00%
The data storage capacity and processing power of the cloud can be easily scaled up or down offering maximum flexibility 5.88%
Make analyzing the data collected from multiple sensors and data entry points easier and faster 5.88%
Easier access to real time information using cloud-based Apps to track key variables like weather, traffic and GPS location of assets and equipment 0.00%
All the above 88.24%


6. What would be the value of leveraging cloud technology to run my ready-mix concrete batching system?

I would need to better understand how all that would work, especially if we lose internet connectivity 23.53%
I can see where working a batch plant remotely, the cloud could help us access multiple plants over a wide geographical area 0.00%
Being able to monitor plant activity in real-time remotely, will provide better insights into performance 0.00%
Tracking inventory in real time should save us tremendous amount of time and money 0.00%
Centrally managing, updating and reporting from a single database, will give us extraordinary insight into our business and how we can adjust to make it more profitable 0.00%
All the above 76.47%


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