Benefits Of a Manual Panel?

“The upgrade to a portable solution that offers complete control with a detailed record of everything was simple”

We recommend Concrete Producers take into consideration the potential complications and minimal benefits an electrical manual panel has to offer. A manual panel adds complexity and unnecessary risk factors to your operations. Everything that can be done with a manual panel can be done more effectively with our smart batch control software, Pioneer.

There is No Guarantee

An electrical manual panel is not a guaranteed backup – at best it’s a false sense of security for the event that your computer goes down. The solution for this scenario is to have a backup computer; A backup computer would be just a fraction of the price of a manual panel.

Risk Factors

Okay, so nobody wants to imagine employees stealing from their own company… it is however, always good to be prepared. A manual panel increases the opportunity for employees to steal from the company. With Pioneer, everything is tracked, monitored and recorded. Managers can actually access the program via web browser in order to review inventory reports, assess batch performance, and adjust settings as needed, allowing business operations to run much more smoothly.

Would Pioneer Prevent This?

Yes – Without a manual panel and Pioneer in place, everything is guaranteed to be tracked by the computer.