November 18, 2022

5 Fun Facts For The Week of November 21st

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November 17, 2022

What Makes a Cloud-Native Software Platform So Valuable for RMX Producers?

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Sysdyne is an innovative software company focused on delivering the value of cloud-native business solutions to the Ready-mix Concrete Industry. With a fully integrated cloud-native software suite, Sysdyne offers solutions that cover the entire spectrum of concrete operations including sales, production, delivery management, and billing. Committed to offering the best-in-class customer experience by providing personalized service and solutions to meet customer’s specific needs, Sysdyne will grow your business with the latest in technology.

Who We Are

We are smart and creative: we love what we do and we do it well. We are passionate about technology and the ready mixed concrete industry. We pride ourselves on relentlessly pursuing the most advanced products with the highest quality.
We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We get things done. We deliver results.
We have heart for our customers and we go above and beyond for them.

The Sysdyne Mission

We are the first to develop a true cloud-based central concrete dispatch – ConcreteGO. We pioneered the use of online collaboration platforms with iStrada, a standalone paperless ticketing and truck tracking solution that is revolutionizing the way we communicate and share information with customers. Our latest Pioneer system will be the very first cloud-based concrete batch system on the market. We are constantly redefining the business processes of the ready mixed concrete industry.
How Can We Help You?
"Our mission is to transform the ready mixed concrete industry with cutting edge technology and best-in-class customer support, to make our industry more efficient and more profitable, to make people's jobs easier."
Jill Zhang
Sysdyne Technologies, CEO

Company History

1976 – Sysdyne is founded in Stamford Connecticut by Mr. Craig Hung. Mr. Hung was an innovative inventor who held master and bachelor degrees in electrical engineering.

Late ’70s / Early ’80s – led by Mr. Hung, Sysdyne designed and built its first concrete batching control product. Vacuum tubes, relays and diodes were used to build the computing system. Pre-punched cards were used for mix design inputs and batch records were punched tapes. Not only was this the first generation of Sysdyne, it also was the earliest concrete batching computer in the nation.

Mid ’80s – Sysdyne applied the Apple computer to improve its automation products.

Early ’90s – Sysdyne’s IBM PC controlled batching products with DOS operating system became available on the market.

2002 – Larkin NewCo LLC acquired Sysdyne and continued doing business under the Sysdyne banner. Since then, the company has devoted its efforts to building customer satisfaction and applying cutting-edge technology to upgrade all its existing product lines while developing new, innovating products.

2013 – Sysdyne officially amended its name from Larkin NewCo LLC to Sysdyne Technologies.

2018 – GCP Applied Technologies made a strategic investment in Sysdyne Technologies, a Stamford, Connecticut-based provider of technology solutions for the ready-mix concrete industry. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

2019 – New UI for Pioneer Batch and release of iStradaView for Producers, Contractors, and Inspectors

2020 / 2021 – Pioneer Cloud Batch Release