8 Reasons Why Technology is Buzzing About SaaS

Software as a Service, commonly referred to as SaaS, is a newer term creating excitement in the realm of technology. To illustrate, below are 8 reasons why SaaS is buzzworthy for concrete producers and their daily operations.

SaaS is web-based

Concrete producers who choose Sysdyne can run their systems without purchasing expensive hardware and software; The only equipment needed is internet and access to a web browser to access it.

SaaS is cost-effective

Sysdyne’s systems operate via subscription for the service.

SaaS has been around for a while

The concept has actually been around for a few decades. In fact, the idea of a system in which resources are shared dates back to the early 1960’s – Companies such as Salesforce began promoting business models for applications through a web-based subscription service in the 1990’s.

SaaS can be customized

As SaaS has grown in popularity, it has emerged from a “one size fits all” format to one that can be tweaked to conform with unique needs. This is a huge advantage in concrete technology as producers have varying factors to consider in their processes.

Data ownership is maintained

Sysdyne’s contracts are prewritten to include language guaranteeing client ownership of data.

Security provisions

As with any system that holds personal and private information, data security is a concern. Fortunately, Sysdyne is able to invest in security systems to protect customer data.

Operating system compatibility

Sysdyne’s systems are compatible with any device with internet connection and a web browser.

Advanced opportunities at minimal cost

By eliminating the need for experienced technical staff to run and maintain expensive on-premise hardware and software, companies using Sysdyne’s solutions can channel more capital into activities directly related to growing their business.

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